About the Artist

Richard Green has over 25 years of experience creating top-selling games and award winning designs and animations.

He has worked in the games industry for over 20 years, contributing to and leading art teams on AAA and mobile titles at LucasArts Entertainment & Lucas Learning, Ltd., Sony Online Entertainment, Activision, and 2K Games. His contributions include concept art, 3D environments, UI elements and vehicle designs, as well as motion graphics and other marketing initiatives.

He has inspired and delighted viewers with many fantastically feasible designs & illustrations. His 10 year partnership with the Space Foundation began in 2009 as the featured artist for the 25th Annual Space Symposium. He subsequently created poster art & show graphics for the Symposiums in 20012, 2013 and 2019. Richard was awarded the “Neutrino Prize” in the CERN/ATLAS worldwide animation competition and his work has been published in Popular Science, Scientific American, and featured in an exhibit at the Houston Space Center Museum.

Richard has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.